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APMS Income Tax Software 2019 - 20 prepared by Venkata Ramana Murthy PGT

Income Tax is a direct tax paid to the Government of India (GOI) basing on the Income or Profit, Residential Status and Gender of an individual. The Income Tax Act 1961 and
Amendments from time to time are the guiding rules for the levy of Income Tax and it is administered by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). Every year the Union Budget Sessions
bring necessary changes in the Income Tax Acts as Amendments.For Salaried Employees, the DDO is responsible to determine whether the Incomes of his employees are taxable or not. If the tax is determined, it has to be deducted as TDS from the monthly salaries and credit the same to the GOI. The determination of the total tax to be deducted from an Employees's Salaries depends upon the Estimated Gross Income, applicable

Exemptions and Deductions that are declared in the Form-12BB submitted by the Employee at the start of the Financial Year. We the APMS regular employees come under State Govt
and chargeable to Income tax.

The Returns are to be filed by the DDOs and Employees both. The DDOs file TDS returns and the Employees file IT returns as per the notified schedule


TDS Schedule


Split Arrears

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